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Time Slow Down

by Tod Hughes

Released 2016
Released 2016
Music from the heart, memorable melodies and lyrics that will stick in your head and put a smile on your face!
"Time Slow Down is the most refreshing roots rock record I've heard this year. Within seconds of clicking play I was hooked and you best believe that thing is getting repeated...again and again...." Middle Tennessee

Tod Hughes hails from Calgary, Canada where he lives with his family. Tod writes real music that comes from the heart, stories of love, hurt, happiness, fear, disappointment and fun. A message of hope is thread through …
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White fades to blue, blue fades to black

What once seemed clear now sets us back

Time got away but it's coming home

Should be together but we're both alone


If I didn't know now what I didn't know then

Be so much easier to be with you again

The only thing that’s real is the truth

Only one for me since my youth Yah, I’m thinkin about you babe


All I can think of is holding you

Amidst all the questions I cling to true

There's time and place and circumstance

Close your eyes, take my hand, come on let's dance

Yah, let's dance, let’s dance

One more time while we still have the chance

Yah, let's dance, dance, dance, dance


It's a dance for two twas born in the heart

Story of love that's written from the start

Not how we look it's how we feel

Ends with a smile, cause we know what’s real You’re the only one for me



Light a candle, hit your knees and you say a little prayer

You're hurryin to get there but you don't know where

It's ok, take some time, clear your head

Let it ride, it's all right

Follow your heart instead


Follow your heart       

And your life will follow

Chase the dream                      

It'll come to you


You're pushin so hard, you're comin out of your shoes

Makin people crazy and you're given me the blues

Take one step back, a quick look around

Come back to where you started

Remember what you found


Now you're makin me smile, makin me think

It's a new track, old track, it's all fresh ink

The sun peaks out, a new day dawns

And we all shout together

And the darkness is gone


Went down to your place again, I saw you weren't there

Want to see your face again, but I don't know where

You left way too soon and it never seemed fair

Now I'm looking for you every place that I go


You were brave and you were strong

We all believed you would get better all along

There must have been more than we could know

Cause there came a day that you knew you had to go


Now I'm drinking alone

I drink alone

I'm drinking alone again


Days go by and the weeks go past

Meditative, contemplation and our dream scenes clash

Need a vision for the future

But only time will tell

When we look back to see if we've lived well


But I'm hopeful again

I'm hoping again

I'm hopeful again, today


There's a hope for the future

It's our memory from the past

We don't forget you, but man time goes so fast

Looking forward to the time when we'll laugh again

I am able to smile now, but only now and then


I'm waiting for you

I'm waiting to see you

I'm waiting till we're together again



Pickin this old guitar today

Trying to learn a new way to play

Clip that capo way up high

Lift your voice up to the sky!


I found an old drum last week

Wondered if it still had a beat

Hit it twice and then again

Creaked a bit but took me back then


Let it out

Let it Ring

Shout it out just Sing


Tickled the ivories by the lake

Of this old piano what do I make?

It’s kind of old and out of key

What do you know that sounds like me


Dusted off the pa in my garage

Make that old and new collage

Need to see if there’s any range

Maybe need to make a key change


I swear I hear you calling, I hear your voice somehow

I listen to the silence, I hear the quiet now

I listen to the quiet, I hear the silence loud

Block my ears to drown it out, covers me like a shroud



The quiet, the quiet, the noise of the quiet

It’s a raquet you can’t quell, it grabs you like a spell

The quiet


So clearly I can hear you, I feel you so close too

I focus on the darkness, I know the dark is true

It’s the truth of what we know, the truth of what we feel

An omnipresent knowing, wake or sleep it’s always real



I like to sing, I like to write

Don't like to argue, don't like to fight

When you tell all I do every day is drink

I feel like arguing, but I guess it makes me think


l like to run, I like to work

Don't only imbibe, I’m not that big a jerk

When you tell me I'm not, perfect at all

Want to run away, but I can only crawl!


In every jab is always some truth

Maybe exaggeration but then, what's the proof?

You said have fewer drinks, got a bigger glass!



I like to drink two glasses of wine each day

Doctor said helps keep him away

Sometimes I have my wine with the doctor too

You know I think the only person who won't drink with me is you

Yah, I think the only person who won't drink with me is you


I like to read I like to talk

Don't like yoga, only want to walk

When you tell me need to communicate

Eyes glaze over, I take another sip, and check the bouquet


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